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Welcome to Your New Kete Site

Kete is a knowledge basket of topics, images, audio, video, web links, documents, and discussion which are collected and catalogued by the site's community.

This is a good time to further customise it to suit your needs. Kete has lots of options which may seem daunting when you get started. Don't worry, you can customise a little or a lot. You can also easily change things later. Feel free to change your Kete incrementally.

Edit Included "About" and "Help" to Suit Your New Site

VERY IMPORTANT: You will want to immediately review and edit the Terms and Conditions to fit your site. The included topic is just a starting point, please edit it to suit your needs. This is what users will have to agree to when registering. This topic has legal ramifications for your site. Make it a priority to review and update before your site is open for business!

The About basket, in Kete terms a section of the site is called a basket, is meant to contain a description of your site and its policies. It comes with starter topics for both. We recommend that you give these a quick edit to reflect your needs.

The Help basket is for your user manual. It certainly can't hurt to familiarise yourself with these and adjust where appropriate.

The default topics were originally written by Kete Horowhenua. We owe them a great big thank you for them.

Edit This Page

Lastly you will want to edit this topic using the edit link (or you can replace it all together, see documentation).

Once you have edited this page you have covered the minimum necessary to get your Kete site ready for business. You can now start to add real content and begin exploring your site.

Congratulations and have fun!

Further Steps to Customise Your Kete

You can find detailed instructions on how to change different aspects of your site in the Documentation basket. To get up to the minute documentation updates and discusion, visit the Kete community site at

When you are ready to announce your site to the world, don't forget to have link to it. Use Administrator's Toolbox > List Site on to do so.


This topic was rewritten by Walter McGinnis at Katipo Communications for Kete 1.2. Walter and Russel Garlick at Liblime composed the original.

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